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Wanna hear some True Ghost Stories? How about some Real Cases of Paranormal Activity?

There have been six paranormal activity movies too many, but that doesn’t mean we are tired of hearing about ghost stories. We want more ghost photos and ghost videos, so here are 8 true ghost stories of real paranormal activity. There will be insidious ghosts, true conjuring, haunted houses, shadow people and more! So come on in, bring your religious artifacts and hope that the girl from the rings doesn’t come for. Enjoy these 8 True Stories of Paranormal Activity.

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Top 8 True Stories of Paranormal Activity
– Paranormal Activity by Shadow Sonya Blade
– Ghost Lady in the Window by Nichole
– Haunted House Staircase by Alessandra K.
– Someone in my Bed – Strangers by Crimson Raven
– Strange Noises at Night by Juan
– Winter of Horror by Juan
– Terror in Brazil – Demon Possession or Demon Attack by Mack8458
– Mystery Flight Officer – Haunted Airport by Yuki236
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Date: March 15, 2018
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