2 True CREEPY STALKER and Kidnapper Stories (With Video and Picture Proof) #18


I wish I could get more video/picture proof like I got in this first story more often, so if you send me any stories be sure to include that and let me know if i’m allowed to use it for a video.
This video was not as scary as some of my other videos but it’s also one of the most realistic. I can’t always have TRUE stories where people get killed and stuff, because not everyone experiences that. I’m very picky with the authenticity of my stories.
If you want to hear some gruesome stuff, watch my last video, just don’t eat while watching it.
Happy holidays!

Story credit and everything else below vvvv

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►Outro music credit to: https://www.youtube.com/user/naraklash

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► Story Credit (Please check them out):

Just found creepy stalkerish notes under my door… don’t know what to do… from LetsNotMeet

A father’s worst nightmare… Almost a reality. from LetsNotMeet

Date: January 7, 2018
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